What ages can enjoy Sack’n Seat?
from 6 month (or when the baby can seat on his own) until 30 month.

Is Sack’n Seat suitable for all chairs?
Sack’n Seat cannot cater for all exceptions but in 90% of the cases Sack’n Seat is suitable. the new version is litle wider than the classic version, 4 cm, and litle longer to fit also chairs with high back. + the oare opening for chairs with tiles…

Can Sack’n Seat be used as a car seat?
NO. Most definitely not!

Does the product meet safety standards?

We are the only product in our category that paased TUV inspection and has the german authority confirmation. The adition of the shoulder straps helped us pass high chair tests and the relevant tests acording to EN 12520 & EN 14988.  The classic product was designed and is manufactured to meet European standards including EN-71 &  REACH tests
In addition, the Sack’ n Seat has passed quality inspection by the Israel Standards Institute as well as being tested and passed by independent European laboratories.

Until what age can it be used?
Sack’n Seat can be used up to around 30 months. it is very individual, some babies need the help until the age of 24 month some a little more…

Can Sack’n Seat be washed?
Yes, in cold water with a non-chemical/biological soap.
please close the clips before puting it the machine. hang dry!

Does weight or size have any factor on the use?
No. Sack’n Seat has been designed to carry weights and stresses of up to 40kgs. Even the largest of babies does not exert more than 20kg force.