After years of “wanting” to to do it, we finally set off….

Working the 9-5 never suited us, ever since we where young, first alone, and then as a couple we liked to travel…

As most people, at some stage you get to sit down, and without knowing , time pass by and 15 years afterwards since our last real journey you wake up and say, no more.

Ever since our first son was born, we talked about traveling with our kids, travel as family.

Even when I started our business, my vision was, 5 years, we establish distributors around the globe and we will be able to travel around and work from every where


12 years has past since our first son came to the world and, finally we are doing it. !

Just wanted to share some of our experiences, hope you like to read it

Along the way we will try to give some tips for traveling with kids.


Enjoy reading, Enjoy life,      This is our story…


Michael & Shira


August 2014

Deciding to Gooooo


2 more weeks to go….the stomach stirs…wishing for relaxed yet hectic year….will the magic of the Sack’n Seat will continue to hold us even though we will not have lots of time to work on our business???

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July 2014

it all started to roll 12 years ago, when we have set up the company and started to market the Sack’n Seat.

i stated to S ( S = Shira, my better half) : 3 years and we can travel the world, while we would ongoing manage our business from the web…

well it took a little longer, but finally we are on the way.

it wasn’t easy to decide, we have talked about it alot alongthe years, we have now 3 kids, its expensive…how will we manage ?

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October  2014

after one month in india….

April 2015

Earthquake in Nepal or

What have you done last week…

it was sure , a once in a life experience…
what started as a beautiful day of tracking in the Himalaya, ended 4 days later when helicopters rescued us…

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May  2015

Hello to the King….

while traveling you meet and tastem many kinds of sweets and deserts…India’s sweet are usually not what we used to as sweet…

there are endless kind of desserts which were developed by travelers along the way. one of them is Hello To

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