So we travel, this is our Thing.
We just came back from a 2 years of traveling as a family in Asia
And that is just our last round… we traveled as singles, we traveled as a couple

Lots of traveling, moving from place to place, Pack and Unpack, in and out of hotels and guest houses, on & off trains, on & off busses, airports, train station, Taxi, Tuktuk, rickshaw
with 3 kids to take care off.

Many tricks, many flops many mistakes…many ideas.

This is our thing – Traveling,
and the products we make, are coming from our THING, Traveling, traveling with kids, traveling with babies, as traveling families

Different ages, different needs, many ideas…

After our first baby was born, we decided to take a year out to take care of our newly growing family. Along this exciting way, we decided to change the way we live and match family life with our work. We opened our studio with the aim to develop unique solutions to problems that had arisen while raising our kids.

At the end of 2002 our first product, the Sack’ n Seat (in Hebrew: Kiskise’) was launched. From that point on a series of ideas have since entered our R&D process.

We and our baby have grown up and we have continued to develop new products that will be practical, comfortable, safe and designed to the highest levels for babies and young children. Our inspiration has mainly come from our own environment and from watching our babies and children grow.

We believe in developing a continuous dialogue with our clientele and are happy to hear any comments you may have about our products. Be they good, bad or even ideas on how we can improve our products to assist you.

Thank you

Shira & Michael